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  • Sam Tallent, Dave Losso, Byron Graham

    Feb 2016
    - 8 PM -

    Comedy Show at the Opera House Cafe
    Tuesday, Feb 9th – Sam Tallent, Dave Losso, & Bryon Graham
    21 and Up Show

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  • Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone

    Valentine’s Day Treats
    The Perfect Valentine for Everyone

    Valentine’s Day treats. That’s what the day should really be about.  Yummy, delicious treats that make everyone happy. So let’s make a batch of treats. Give them out at your office or deliver them to your friends. It’ll be like when you were a kid and made a Valentine for each kid in the class. Except these Valentines are edible. It’s time to get your baking and creative hats on boys and girls because here are Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone!

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