5 Ideas for a Thrown Together BBQ

Spring has officially sprung. And we’re betting that many of you have the BBQ / Party at My Place itch. It’s natural to want to be outdoors in the sun, drinking a cold beer, cocktail, or drink of choice, all while eating delicious food hot off the grill. So let’s get right to it with our 5 Ideas for a Thrown Together (or Impromptu) BBQ.

When we mean impromptu, we’re seriously talking about your group just up and decides to go to your place and cook some food. Here’s how to impress your friends even if you don’t have a lot on hand or serious cooking skills.

1. The Food & Drinks
On their way to your house have everyone pickup something. Chips, bagged ice for drinks, pasta salad, potato salad, whatever.
The point is to spread out the work between everyone. You may need to come up with the main dish, so stopping for some hamburger meat or shrimp (or both!) will probably need to happen.

2. Quick Decoration
Create a main seating area and then gather whatever candles, vases, small plants or knick-knacks you have and then create a centerpiece of sorts. Listen, it’s last minute they more eclectic the better!

3. Use Paper Plates and Plastic Cups
This isn’t a fancy sit down with a few of your friends so paper and plastic is cool. Plus, if it’s at your house why put yourself through the clean up? If you don’t have enough of the same kind of plates (some may say Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday on them), no worries. It’ll add to the impromptu vibe.

4. Quick Appetizers
Throw those chips that someone brought into a bowl and if you got avocados whip up so guacamole.
If you happen to have carrots and celery handy, then add those to the mix too. Just give them a rinse, peel those carrots, and give them a quick chop-chop. Jar of olives or pickles hanging out in the fridge? Add those to a plate and bam! You’ve got yourself a crudite platter. Got more time? Check out these options for more crudite ideas.

5.┬áDon’t Forget Dessert
At this point, we hope you have the essentials in your home. If you have eggs, butter, sugar, salt, flour, and vanilla extract, you can whip up a quick dessert. Bonus if you have chocolate chips, oatmeal, and raisins. Mix together a quick batch of a drop cookie (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or sugar cookies) and you’ve got something most everyone enjoys.