Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is right around the corner, and many of you are probably planning to host parties. Now throwing an adult only Halloween party can be fun but also a little tricky when it comes to the menu. With these fun and spooking Halloween Party Treats, your guests will be saying these are spooktacularly delicious!

Candied apples scream fall and Halloween! Plus, dipping apples is level easy and can be done ahead of time. This recipe from Delish takes 20 minutes to prep and an 1 hour for the dipped apples to cool and firm up.

What You’ll Need:

Unsalted Butter
Light Corn Syrup
Red Hots Candies
Red Food Coloring
Baking Sheet
Parchment Paper
Candy Thermometer

Onion and bacon are an excellent combination. Add some cream cheese and you’ve got yourself one delicious dip. Bonus if you serve it in a hollowed out squash like the picture!

Click Onion and Bacon Dip for the complete recipe.

These might look like a kids treat, but they are definitely for adults (unless your child likes goat cheese, then they are for everyone!)

Get Ozzie on Bat Bites – although we’re 100% sure these taste much, much better.

One of the best parts of an adult Halloween party? Signature cocktails!

We’ve got a two to recommend for your Halloween party starting with the
El Diablo. This perfectly named drink is a combination of ginger beer, tequila, lime, and sweet creme de cassis.

A Halloween cocktail should be delicious, but also a bit scary. The Bleeding Heart Martini is both.

Don’t worry, that’s not actually a bleeding heart. It’s a beet!

Bonus: Be sure to take a look at Halloween Party Appetizers on Pinterest. These range from cute to kinda gross looking. Happy Halloween!