Inexpensive Ways to Decorate for Your Backyard BBQ

Inviting friends, family, and neighbors over for a cookout is one of the joys of warmer weather. It’s also a good time to re-evaluate what needs to be weeded out, picked up, or completely thrown away from your backyard too.

instead of stressing over how to make your update your next backyard BBQ, take a few of these tips and tricks to help create a cool atmosphere for your guests.

Mow Your Yard

Simple enough! You should do this the evening before or the morning of your BBQ. Even if your space isn’t exactly how your want it, at least the grass will be mowed. This will give your yard a nice “manicured” look.

Cover Unsightly Areas

If you have a pile of leaves, branches, dirt, whatever in the back, then a tarp comes in handy. It’ll camouflage the mess. This is especially good for when you are running short on time.

Make it Colorful

Add a festive touch by hanging colorful pennants in the yard. These are so colorful and will help set the right BBQ mood. They also work for birthdays or any celebration!

Have Fun

Be sure to have games to help keep your guests occupied and to also help foster conversation. Great choices for a BBQ are the classic washers, cornhole, and ladder golf!
If you don’t have any of those games on hand, then look through your board games. Or if friends with kids will be attending, then be sure to have bubbles. Kids always love bubbles!