Opera House KC FAQs

What IS this place?

We have been asked and have also seen this question on reviews. We are the best place in KC, of course! But for those of you that are first timers or for those regulars who’d like to find out a little more about us, here are a few FAQS about the Opera House Coffee & Food Emporium.

Question 1
What IS this place anyway? There’s coffee here, food there, and a bar? 

We are all of those wrapped into one. When you enter our store from the door facing Walnut, you are welcomed by the rich, inviting aroma of our Coffee Bar. Next to it is where our delicious made in house baked goods are created. We have hot and cold coffee drinks, smoothies, teas, and juices. We also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Grill and be sure to stop by Oh! Bar for your after work and weekend cocktails.

Question 2
But you have a full menu too, right?

We sure do! The Grill is the perfect place to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We have a varied menu that will fit most diets. Burgers, salads, tacos, biscuits & gravy, and more! All fresh and made to order.

Question 3
So why is everything spread out? Why can’t I order everything in one place like McDonald’s?

We wanted to provide a place where if you only wanted coffee then you didn’t have to wait in line while someone else was ordering food and vice versa. We have tried to create a relaxed flow and atmosphere. If you’re like most people (especially in the morning!) getting that coffee is top priority. This way, you can sip your wake me up beverage while you order your breakfast. Unless you want a specialty drink from our Coffee Bar, all other beverages at The Grill. After your order has been placed, find a comfy place to visit or work, and we’ll bring your food to you. 

Question 4
Sometimes you are open late. Where can I find out when there will be live music or other events?

Visit our Events page on Opera House KC to find the latest information. Also, be sure to Like the Opera House KC on Facebook. Those are the main two places to find the latest information.

Question 5
Do you cater?

We’re glad you asked! Yes, we offer catering for your business meetings – both breakfast and lunch – VIP events, bridal or wedding showers, and much more. Take a peek at the Opera House Coffee & Food Emporium Catering Menu for your options or to place your order.

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