Four Dollar Shots

TEXAS SHEETCAKE ~ Vodka/Frangelico/Sugared Lemon

PICKLEBACK ~ Whiskey/House Pickle Chaser

STATUE OF DAVID ~ Jack Daniels/Big O Ginger

GREEN TEA ~  Jameson/Sour Mix/Sierra Mist

PB&J ~ Screwball/Frangelico/Cranberry Juice

CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH ~ Fireball/Rumchata/Butterscotch

SNICKERS ~ Baileys/Kahlua/Screwball/Frangelio

PINA COLADA ~ Parrot Bay/151/Pineapple/Coconut/Cream

FRENCH TOAST  ~ Jameson/Butterscotch/Baileys

PANCAKES W/ SYRUP ~ Jameson/Butterscotch/OJ Chaser

OATMEAL COOKIE  ~ Fireball/Baileys/Butterscotch

GUMMY BEAR ~ Berry Vodka/Peach Schnapps/Sour Mix/Sierra Mist

Prices are subject to change and may not reflect in restaurant pricing. 

The River Market's Breakfast, Lunch, Bar, Bakery, Coffee & Events place! Kansas City's Best breakfast, lunch, bakery, coffee & events in the City Market.  Located in Kansas City's historic Gillis Opera House, The Opera House Cafe has one of the largest spaces for people to come together to eat, drink and be merry! With a coffee shop & coffee roaster, we have the freshest, handmade coffee drinks in the River Market.  Our cafe serves a deliciously diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, and brunch!