Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving Desserts:

Quick and Easy so You Spend Less Time in the Kitchen and More Time with Your Family and Friends

Thanksgiving desserts are some of the best. From pumpkin and pecan pie to cookies and torts, it is easy to understand why we all enjoy this holiday. With Thanksgiving only a few days away, you may already be cooking and baking. If you are in charge of bringing the dessert then you’re going to love this post!

Quick and easy desserts from around the internet.

Pumpkin Icebox Pie from Martha Stewart

This is a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Instead of the usual custard filling, this one consists of the cream cheese and gelatin. This recipe also has directions on how to make a graham cracker crust, but if that’s not in your baking repertoire or if you are just short on time (or seriously do not want to make a crust), then go buy a graham cracker crust.
Click on Pumpkin Icebox Pie from Martha Stewart for the complete directions.

Gingersnap Cherry Cheesecake from Real Simple 

Real Simple is a fantastic resource for not only recipes but also all kinds of life things. Yes, things is the word we are going to use. This is a perfect make-ahead recipe that requires a little baking and a whole lot of sitting in the refrigerator. The crust is made from ground gingersnaps and butter so you know that it is going to be decadent and delicious. You’ll also need to have a springform pan.  Click on Gingersnap Cherry Cheesecake from Real Simple for the complete directions.

Lemon Puddings with Candied Lemon Zest from Food & Wine

This is another make the day before since the flavors need time to congeal.  Bonus: there are only 4 ingredients to this recipe!
Be sure to click Lemon Puddings with Candied Lemon Zest by Food & Wine for the complete directions.

2 Ingredient Soda Pop Cakes from Tasty

It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this recipe. 1 box of cake mix of choice plus 1 can of soda of choice equals tasty deliciousness.
Watch the video and get the recipe for 2 Ingredient Soda Pop Cakes by Tasty.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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