Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone

Valentine’s Day Treats
The Perfect Valentine for Everyone

Valentine’s Day treats. That’s what the day should really be about.  Yummy, delicious treats that make everyone happy. So let’s make a batch of treats. Give them out at your office or deliver them to your friends. It’ll be like when you were a kid and made a Valentine for each kid in the class. Except these Valentines are edible. It’s time to get your baking and creative hats on boys and girls because here are Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone!

As you know we love finding new recipes or old recipes that have come back around. When we say this one for conversation heart sugar cookies, we knew we had to share it with you. What’s more Valentine’s Day than conversation hearts?

Valentine’s Day Treats #1: Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Day Treats Valentines Treats

Sugar cookie recipes can be a little tricky (dough can get too dry or too sticky), so this one will require some patience. Also, note that you can totally make the dough ahead of time since it does need to chill for a minimum of 1 hour.  This post also links to where you can get Message in a Cookie cookie cutters from Williams – Sonoma. However, when we checked the link they no longer sell that product.  Below are two links where you can find Message in a Cookie cookie cutters:

Amazon – they really do have everything.
World Market

We originally found this idea here. So if you want 44 ideas for Valentine’s day treats, we suggest you visit it.

Valentine’s Day Treats #2: Rice Krispies Pops

Valentine's Day Treats Valentines Treats

If the recipe above is too complicated for you, then these are your best bet. Seriously, Rice Krispie Treats are super simple to make and this recipe just builds off it. You will need candy melts, they come in a variety of flavors, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and lollipop sticks.  For a richer flavor, we suggest browning the butter when making Rice Krispie Treats. Click here to learn how.

Valentine’s Day Treats #3: (Easy) Chocolate Cherry Valentine’s Day Bark

Valentine's Day Treats

For all of you microwave lovers out there, this one is for you! This is a “melt the chocolate – stick in the fridge – melt and add more chocolate – stick back in the fridge” recipe. Bonus, you can tailor it to your test and the recipe even includes where you can get the ingredients.

Spoiler: Target, Hobby Lobby, or WalMart.

Have a Yummy and Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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